Woman on a Gym Mat

After you make the fantastic choice  to train with Feel Mutch Better, there are a couple steps that you need to go through.
If you decide to train one on one with me, we need to start with your free consultation.
Then, you will get login details specific to you, which you will use to login into the tab "Plan Membership Login". This is where you will get your workout plans, sign forms, track progress, etc. 
If you buy a plan, you will get a voucher to login to the tab "Plan Membership Login" as well, where you gain access to the purchased plan you decided on.

The membership login to Feel Mutch Better itself, outside of the Plan Membership Login, will give you access to post in forums and interact with other members that are part of the community and it will also be how payments are processed, or e-transfer is available for those in Canada or New Zealand.

You can also download the PT Distinction app where your login details can also be used, if that is easier than logging in on this website every time.

If you have any questions at all about the process, please do not hesitate to email me at or dm me on instagram @feelmutchbetter

Happy training!